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Verizon Media Integration to

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Have you been running Native Ads on Verizon Media (Yahoo Gemini)? Well, then you know how complicated it can get. Downloading reports to analyze data, manually adjust bids, take one to many steps to upload multiple ad combinations... We have a solution that will save you countless hours on optimization! Read more bellow.

Automate Media Buying Routines With

  • Upload multiple Ad combinations to your existing campaigns with a single click.

  • Use automation rules to increase or decrease bids based on a percentage or absolute value without having to make a single click.

  • Automatically pause Ads and Placements when performance thresholds are met.

  • Automatically block underperforming, budget draining Placements.

  • Effortlessly analyze data and manually update campaign’s budget, and control Ad Group CPC.

  • Stay updated with Budget Monitoring. Get notified when your campaign is close to reaching its daily cap.

  • Keep track of every automatic and manual action performed on your campaigns in the action log.


Ad Uploader

Just the right amount of steps. Easily create multiple ad combinations and simultaneously upload them to multiple campaigns with a single click.

Reporting With Instant Control

Forget downloading CSV reports to read your campaign data. All publisher stats are available in a single dashboard! Automate your workflow with smart bid control and blacklisting options.

Day Parting

Automatically change campaigns default CPC or Pause the campaign at selected hours of the day. If you know that your campaign is performing well at particular times, take advantage and increase your bid strategy beforehand.


Bid on most valuable placements. Automatically adjust bids based on the campaign's live performance.

Autobidder rule example:

Decrease bid for underperforming placements that has no conversions.

  • Cost > 20

  • Conversions < 0

  • Last 14 days

  • Decrease Bid by 5% Of Current Bid

If the cost is more than 20 and the conversions are equal or less than 0 in the last 14 days, decrease the bid by 5% of the current bid.


Your next approach to save money. Automatically block underperforming, budget draining placements.

Autoblocker rule example:

Block Placements that has no conversions.

  • Cost > 50

  • Conversions = 0

  • Last 21 days

If the traffic source spend is more than 50, but the placement generates 0 conversions in the last 21 days, the placement will be automatically blocked.

Sign Up free today and experience the power of automation! See you inside.


Start Optimizing Today!



The step-by-step guide on how to link your Verizon Media account to is here.

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