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Uploading GIFs to Taboola via

In addition to standard (static) images, add Animated Creatives to your Taboola campaigns through


  • A Great Experience: GIFs are automatically fit to each Taboola ad slot in an optimal way.

  • Performance and Scale: animated thumbnails are shown to increase CTRs with stable conversion rates.

  • Control: you can add more than one Animated Thumbnail to any given campaign, as well as mix static and animated thumbnails in the same campaign.


  • Use high-quality images for animations

  • Use short animations, up to 10 seconds. GIFs will play in a loop.

  • Use GIFs with clear, understandable animation.

  • Use a filename or link ending with .gif.

  • Use a GIF with a resolution of higher than 600 x 400 pixels. The minimum size is 400 x 200 pixels.

  • The file size should be less than 3 MB.

  • Animated GIF ads will be played in up to 10 FPS


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