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Spring Features Release

Updated: May 26, 2020

Nature is creating new life, and in alignment new features are popping up in

Below you will find new features that will: Make daily Media Buying routines more efficient. Connect Native advertisement platforms to your personalized dashboard. Tailor automation rules. Check stats, and upload Ads in bulk. To make it short:

Boost your ROI !


Quick access to campaign settings

Improved campaign settings navigation. Monitor budgets and easily control main campaign settings.

Multiple days selection in Day Parting

Apply the same day-parting rules for several days at once

One-click automation controls

Enable or disable automation for each placement in the campaign with a single click.

Ad Stats by Day

Get performance reports for each ad broken down by day. Exclusive to users.


Block a placement

Use this option when setting up Autobidder rules. The placement will be blocked in the campaign if the bid price reaches the minimum allowed CPC of the traffic source. Autobidder will not allow bidding any lower than the traffic source limits.

To activate this feature navigate to Autobidder tool, select your campaign from the drop-down menu, and click Add Rule. Set up the actions you want Autobidder to take and click Save. Autobidder will do the rest.

Bypass rules

Stops Autobidder from taking actions for the chosen amount of days. Allowing more time for the bid change to take the desired effect, instead of changing it too often.

To activate this feature navigate to Autobidder tool, select your campaign from the drop-down menu, and click on Schedule.

Set it for individual rules or the whole campaign at once. When done with the setup, click Save Schedule. Now, sit back and let save your time.


Automatically pause underperforming ads with AdPauser. Set individual conditions for each ad. AdGenius will automatically pause your ad if any of the rules are met.

To activate this feature navigate to Campaigns, select any campaign you want to optimize, and simply click on in. You will be redirected to the statistics screen. Click on Ads, a drop-down menu will open. Choose AdPauser. Create your Adpauser rules and click Save.

ThriveTracker CPC Update

Sync your campaigns Default CPC in Thrive automatically. Enable it in your account settings and let it do its magic.

To activate this feature navigate to Account Settings (right top corner) click edit on Thrive CPC Update, choose your option from the drop-down menu, and click save.

Now your Default CPC and Total Cost in ThriveTracker will be accurate and up to date.

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