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Enhance Native Ads Performance

With the ever-changing Facebook advertisement policies and account bans, more media buyers turn their heads to Native ads to reach their converting audience. We constantly work on making sure that your native ad campaigns are easier to manage, optimization is more efficient than ever and automation saves your time.

Native Ads Optimization

Optimize with flexible rules, create whitelists and reach your audience. Explore the new features that will help you achieve your goals below.

Pause/Resume campaigns

Native ads campaign stops performing while you're away from your workstation? Your budget is being drained but you're unable to make changes? With pause/resume campaigns automatically by using 24/7 live optimization rules. Rule example:

Pause campaigns if the ROI is less than 10% and the campaign has spent 80% of your daily budget (assuming that the daily budget is $100). The rule will run every 10 minutes, making sure your budget is under strict supervision. automatic optimization

By pausing a campaign before it drains your budget, you will be able to utilize saved funds to scale a well-performing campaign in the future. To do so automatically, use Increase Campaign Budget automation rules.

Exclude placements from the "Block Placements" rule.

After a campaign has been tested and you know that some placements perform better than others - whitelist publishers by excluding placements from "Block Placements" rules. By doing so you have a campaign dedicated to placements that meet your performance needs and can deliver your desired ROI. blocking placements

To exclude placements from the Block Placements rules. Simply enter placements IDs separated with commas and will block all placements that meet your conditions, except the ones you excluded. Leaving you with a whitelisted campaign.

Optimization based on Conversion Rate

From now on use CR - Conversion Rate (Conversions/Clicks) KPI to optimize your campaigns.

Rule example: native ads optimization

Block a placement if it exceeds the budget you want without it generating any conversions. Or Pause the campaign altogether if the performance is not as anticipated using Pause Campaign rules.

Flexible rules schedule

Conversion and other stats are usually delayed by the traffic source? To optimize campaigns successfully you need to update statistics manually? Then you will love this feature.

With automation rules you can include or exclude a specific number of days from a rule, and make sure the rule runs automatically only when you want it.

Things can change fast, so having optimization rules that are just as fast to react to these changes ensures that you can stay on top of your competition, even when you are away.

Run a rule every 10 minutes, or every 12 hours - it’s completely up to you. Optimize your rules to make sure your campaign is supervised 24/7, and your preferred actions are taken as soon as necessary.

Native ads automatic optimization

Taboola Ad Descriptions

Gone are the days of only using headlines with Taboola. Add descriptions as well, give more information about the product and maximize the chances of your ad being displayed in top quality placements.

Taboola ads optimization

Skyrocket your campaigns by ensuring you reach the audience you want with Taboola Ad Descriptions.

Would like a customized automation rule setup? Book a call with an expert here. Or

take your campaign to a new level and try out these new features yourself!

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