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Make Day Parting even more efficient with Scheduling

Saving your time is the name of the game here at Therefore we are happy to release Schedules, created to maximize your workflow when optimizing your native ad campaigns.

The Day Parting functionality has been enhanced, and it is now possible to create Schedules. One schedule can have several campaigns added to it, therefore it is no longer necessary to create Day Parting rules for each campaign individually.

Note: If you are worried about your already set up Day Parting rules you can breathe easy, as they will remain the same. You will simply be able to enjoy the new functionality going forward.

Using Schedules:

To manage or create a new schedule, choose “Schedules” in the left side menu. Once it’s selected you will be able to see your existing schedules, as well as create new ones.

To create a new schedule and start optimizing your campaign - select the “New Schedule” button in the top right corner of the screen.

In the window that pops up, you can give the schedule a name, select the time zone and which campaigns the schedule applies to. You can then start creating your Day Parting rules to ensure the success of your campaigns.

To review an already existing schedule and make changes if need be - simply click on it.

The Assigned Campaigns column shows you how many campaigns are currently using the rules in that particular schedule. You can quickly change and specify the campaigns that will benefit from that schedule by clicking on the displayed number.

You can also assign schedules to individual campaigns in the single campaign view by selecting the “Schedule” section. Or, if you prefer, you can go ahead and create a new schedule from here as well! You can later find it in your Schedules section and even assign it to other campaigns.

Need help with schedule creation or your automation rule setup? Book a call with an expert here. Or start optimizing your campaigns even more efficiently and try out the Schedules feature right now!

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