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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

To link a Voluum tracker to your account, click on the Link Account button on the left menu.

1. Click Link Tracker and chose Voluum from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter account name. (That is how it's going to be seen in your account).

To get the API credentials of your Voluum account, open the Voluum tracker and click the "gear" icon (top right corner of the screen). Your account data will show up.

Go to the Security tab and scroll down to the ACCESS KEYS section.

Click the Add new key button. Generate Access Key pop-up window will show up.

  • Provide the key name.

  • Provide your account password.

  • Click Save. The secret access key and access client ID will be generated.

  • Once the secret Access Key and Access Key ID are generated, click Copy. Make sure you copy both values, the secret access key and access key ID. Save both values locally on your machine.

Voluum Note: Once you have generated the access key, you need to copy and save it. This is the only time when the secret access key is visible to you, thus you need to store it locally to be able to use it with the Voluum API.

Once Access Key and Access Key ID are ready, go back to your account and paste them into dedicated fields.

Click Proceed.


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