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Introducing Smart Lists - for Smart Campaign Management

Not all placements are created equal, and after running multiple campaigns you might notice some specific widgets that are performing poorly and draining your budget.

Those days are behind you now, because we are happy to announce the release of Smart Lists - a smart way to manage your campaigns.

Create a Black List and assign it to a campaign straight away, thus stopping the low-quality traffic that is known to you already. Re-use the same list as you see fit and assign it to multiple campaigns.

How to use Smart Lists:

The easiest way to create a blacklist and add placements to it is via the individual Campaign view. Simply go to Campaigns > Select a campaign > select the “Placements” tab.

Here you will see in-depth information about each placement and will be able to make decisions on which of them should be added to a black-list.

Once you know which placements should be added - click the icon and either create a new blacklist or add it to an already existing blacklist.

You can review your Black Lists by going to the Smart Lists selection in the left side menu, here you will see how many campaigns the list is assigned to, how many placements are being supervised by the list, and what rules are assigned to it. You can also create new BlackLists here, as well as edit them.

Do you need help with a blacklist? Book a call with an expert here. Or

skyrocket your campaigns and try out Smart Lists yourself now!

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