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How to scale RevContent Ads

Revcontent is one of the leading native advertising platforms in the world. To get sales, conversions, or leads media buyers want to make sure their ads can outperform the competition. To do so, you will need to do optimize and create ads fast and efficiently. helps media buyers streamline all optimization tasks quickly and deliver stable results from campaign optimization 24/7.

Here's what makes a good ad.

Technical Specifications:

  • Image Size: 420x315 pixels

  • Max Headline Characters: 80

  • Location Targeting: Country, Device

  • Device Targeting: Desktop, Tablet (Android, iOS, Windows), Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows)

  • Annotations (Circles or Arrows) - Yes

Revcontent Tracking Tokens for Dynamic Insertion:

  • Use these in the Boost Campaign tracking settings

  • Do not use them in the Destination URL of boost ads

Tracking Token Description

{CITY} City {STATE} State {COUNTRY} Country {BOOST_ID} Boost Id (Campaign ID) {CONTENT_ID} Content Id (Ad ID) {ACC_ID} Account Id {WIDGET_ID} Widget Id {ADV_TARGETS} Advanced Targeting - Channel Name

Headline Dynamic Tokens:

  • These are available to use in your Boost Headline titles

Dynamic Text Token Description:

{CITY} City {STATE} State {COUNTRY} Country

Headline Best Practices:

  • Create curiosity with questions

  • Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word in Title

  • Include city and State names using {CITY} and {STATE}

  • Capitalize first letter of Brand name

  • Limit titles to 30 characters

Targeting Tips:

  • Use Topic targeting (in most cases)

  • Create separate Topics and Brands (campaigns) with different topics.

  • Always exclude low volume widgets

  • Only target one language per campaign

  • Create separate campaigns for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

  • Create separate mobile campaigns for each Operating System

  • Track Target Channels using {ADV_TARGETS} in Campaign tracking

  • Track Widgets using {WIDGET_ID} in Campaign tracking

Campaign Optimization Tips:

  • Minimum Budget: $100

  • Recommended Minimum CPC Desktop$0.05

  • Recommended Minimum CPC Mobile$0.03

  • Recommended Minimum CPC Tablet$0.04

  • Block low CTR widgets after 3 - 7 days

  • Block low CTR Target Channels after 3 - 7 days

  • Only keep 5 ads active within a campaign at a time (after testing)

  • Do not add more than 5 new ads per day to a campaign

  • Create new campaigns & exclude Target Channels with low CTR (from previous campaigns).

  • Block Bot traffic with extremely high LPCTR %.

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