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Efficient Native Advertising With

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Native advertising is one of the best ways to associate your brand with trusted media sites. Building trust with potential customers and increasing engagement can result in higher ROIs.

How do Native Ads work?

Fundamentally, native is sponsored content that promotes a product or service. It is placed to mimic editorial content on media sites. It was designed to resemble "native" media content, such as news editorials and featured articles.

According to, the market size of native advertising is expanding. It's estimated that advertisers in the United States will spend $52.75 billion per year by the end of 2020.

So why does native advertising excites marketers so much?

First, it works well. That being said, grabbing the attention of a customer with an ever-shortening attention span is becoming vastly competitive. Given that humans remember only 30 percent of what they see, it's crucial to make strong, click-worthy ads to succeed.

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 70 percent of consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than traditional advertising. This gives advertisers space to get creative and build ads that feel informative rather than disruptive.  

(Content marketing institute, 2015)

What problems do Native Advertisers encounter?

As a native advertiser, you might know how time-consuming the optimization task can be. There are many traffic sources from which one can choose. Most digital marketing gurus use various traffic sources based on the target audience and desirable goals. To get the best results, it requires intense manual labor. Adjusting bids, finding the best publishers, and in the middle of that, analyzing results, and only then manually making adjustments.

Popular Native Traffic Sources:

How can we make it better?

Understanding how costly inefficient media buying can be, we came up with a tool to address the following issues. It is known that numerous advertisers are simultaneously using various traffic sources to capture the best ROIs. And While it may sound easy, optimizing and tracking results that come from various platforms can be devastating.

To make the management and optimization of placements or ads more efficient, offers a variety of tools that save time and capital investment.

From now on, it's easy to upload multiple ad variations to different platforms with a single click. The following can be done by linking your traffic source accounts to

The fun does not end there. With track your campaign’s performance and get reporting of running Ads and Placements. Set Up rules to automatically block underperforming placements or ads. Create Rules to increase bids for placements that bring you the most value and don't overbid for those that aren't. Fully Control your campaign schedule with day-parting ability: Increase, reduce bids or suspend the campaign at specific hours. Read More here.

With, the bigger picture seems a few steps closer. Create Your strategic approach to native advertising. Gets more exposure, revenue, and maximizes your ROIs.


Start Optimizing Today!



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