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Updated: May 18, 2020

In this section, we will find a graphical dashboard of selected campaigns and their results over the chosen period of time. Two different KPIs can be shown on the dashboard. For example, clicks and conversions. Filter campaigns by traffic source and tracker by using search.

Pause or resume campaigns. Change the daily budget instantly, or bid, without leaving

To the left-hand side of each campaign name, there is a Daily Cap Indicator. It indicates how much of a daily budget the campaign spent today. As your spending increases throughout the day, it changes color. For example, when your daily spend reaches 80% of your budget it will turn red to notify you.

You can control the Daily Cap and campaign’s Default CPC, by clicking the pencil icon next to your Daily Cap. The changes in the traffic source will apply as soon as you save it in

Changing the Default CPC will change the campaign’s default bid in traffic source. Ready to learn more about the performance of your campaign? More here.

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