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Campaign Performance

Updated: May 19, 2020

  • Track your campaign’s performance with accurate statistics in realtime.

  • Get reporting and control of your Ads and Placements.

  • Set rules to automatically block underperforming placements or ads.

  • Create rules to increase bids for placements that are bringing you the most value and don’t overbid for the ones that aren’t so good.

  • Fully control your campaign's schedule with day-parting ability: increase or reduce bids or pause the campaign at specific hours.

To access campaign level features, click on the campaign’s name in the Statistics tab. Follow up and analyze your campaign’s performance by day.


Pausing or Resuming campaign.

Track and control your creatives in the Ads tab. Keep track and control each of your ads. Check realtime stats, pause or delete underperforming ads.

In the Placements tab, monitor each placement's (widget's) performance in the campaign.

In the list of the placements for the chosen campaign, easily monitor and control each placement.

Blocked - the placement is immediately blacklisted in the traffic source.

Running - the placement is always active unless the user blacklists it.

Autoblocker - the placement is active but will be blocked if it falls under the pre-set rules

Change CPC for each placement by clicking on the pencil icon next to Bid.

You can set the exact cost per click, make an increase/decrease by percentage, or reset to default campaign’s CPC.

The Bid column shows your current CPC for a particular placement and the difference in percents from its default CPC.



Automate your bids for each placement based on performance. Changing the bids for each placement is time-consuming and less effective when done manually. Autobidder allows you to automate that workflow.

To add a new rule, click on Add Rule. Create the conditions of the placement performance. Select an action that will be taken when the placement performance matches those conditions.

In the example above two conditions are set: If Traffic source Cost is Less than 10$ & Revenue is More than 20$, within the time range of 3 days, the action is to increase the bid by 15%.

Need more options? Click the + button to add more conditions.

If you want the rule to apply only for specific placements, add them to Placements input, separated by a comma.

Make sure to set the Max. Bid and Min. Bid limits, so the algorithm won’t bid higher or lower the selected limits.

Or import rules from another successful campaign and automatically apply them by clicking Import Rules.



Automatically blacklist underperforming placements with pre-set rules.

To add a new rule, click the Add Rule button. Create the conditions of the placement performance and time range to include for analysis. The placement will be blacklisted immediately if its performance statistics are matching the set rules.

In the example above three conditions are set:

If Costs is More than 9$ & Landing Page CTR is Less than 3% & Conversions equals 0 within the date range of the last 5 days - the placement will be blocked.

Click the + button to add more conditions.

Chose how often you want the Autoblocker to perform the check.


Day Parting

Fully control your campaign's schedule with day-parting. Increase or reduce bids or pause the campaign just for hours.


Ad Uploader

Upload batches of ads to multiple campaigns at once with Ad Uploader. Only a few clicks required.

Select the campaigns you want to upload your ads (campaigns can be in different traffic sources).

Upload images of your choice.

Enter the titles for your ad headlines (separate each title in a new line).

Click Review Combinations and will generate ad combinations for each image with each headline.

Preview the combinations and click Upload Ads.

You're all set! Start optimizing today!


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