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Automation Rule Groups

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

When it comes to automatic campaign optimization, we are continuously improving the management and efficiency of the automation process. With this latest feature, we made even more efficient & convenient. The all-new Rule Groups feature is a must-try for all native media buyers! Create a combination of rules, apply the group to a single or multiple campaigns with a few mouse clicks, and enjoy a stress-free native campaigns optimization process. With automation rules, boost your profitability by 25%!

What is a Rule Group? A "Rule Group" features a teamwork of automation rules with different actions held in one place. Keep your automation rules organized and ready for action. Cover each aspect of automatic optimization with a single rule group.

  • Pause Ads;

  • Block placements;

  • Adjust budget (Increase/decrease);

  • Changing bids (increase/decrease).

All from a single rule group.

Creating a Rule Group. To create and access rule groups, navigate to the "Rules" tab in the left menu.

Once you're in the rule group window, click on the "+New Group" button to create a new group or click on the existing group to make changes.

Setup process:

  1. Click on "+ New Group"

  2. Enter Rule group name

  3. Type in a short description (optional)

  4. Assign existing automation rules

  5. Select a single or multiple campaigns the group should be assigned to.

*When setting up a single automation rule, select a rule group it should be applied to.*

The "Rule Group" tab will display groups: Name, Status, Last Triggered time, Number of campaigns assigned & Editing Options: Enable/Disable & Duplicating icons.

Multiple selection is available with Bulk Actions: Delete, Disable/Enable. With all-new Rule Group features, efficient campaign optimization has never been easier.

Log in and try it out yourself & if you will need help with the setup process, here is

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You're all set. See you inside!

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