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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We are on a relentless pursuit to empower native advertisers with automated media buying routines with "All In One" software - And to help them to do it quickly, easily and with an end result that they can be proud of.

Powerful Automation for Native Advertisers

Today, we’re going to open a new chapter in our journey at

It is with great excitement that we announce that is out of Beta! Up to this point, AdGenius's Beta version has been used by hundreds of users in real-world scenarios. Although at times it has been rough around the edges, we pushed forward to deliver a reliable, stable & easy to use optimization platform for native media buyers.

Our new release, which has been undergoing rigorous testing for some time by existing users, is now a foundation for the future of the platform and all the great things we have planned to bring to our users. In addition to our official release from Beta, this version includes neat features and a simplified user interface. Without further ado:

Flawless Automation Rules Setup

In less than a minute

  • Automatically control your campaign budget. Set automation rules to increase or decrease the campaigns daily budget based on live statistics. Maximize the chance to scale your campaigns with automation rules. Fully control your Native Advertisement success.

  • One rule - multiple campaigns. It has never been easier to save time. Apply a single rule to multiple campaigns in just a few clicks!

  • Automation rules flexibility. We have added the "OR" feature to allow the rule conditions to have more flexibility. Create multiple conditions within a single rule. (See example below)

More than 95% of members using automation rules said, that automatic optimization helps them scale their business.


Block Budget Draining Placements

*Rules are based on the CTA goal of $20*

  • IF Conversions are equal (=) 0 &

  • Clicks (TS) is more than (>) 100 &,

  • Date range: 7 Then

  • Placement that meet these criteria will be automatically blocked.

Automatically Pause Underperforming Ads *Rules are based on the CTA goal of $25

  • IF Revenue(TR) is equal (=) $0 &

  • Costs(TS) are more than (>) $25 &,

  • The Date range: 14 Then

  • Ads meeting these criteria will be automatically Paused.

Automatically Block Underperforming Placements Using "OR" Feature *Rules are based on the CTA goal of $25

  • Landing Page CTR (TR) is less than 2% &

  • CONVERSIONS (TR) equals (=) $0 &

  • COSTS (TS) are more or equal(>=) $2 &

  • Date range: 14 "OR"

  • CONVERSIONS (TR) equals(=) $0 &

  • COSTS (TS) are more or equal(>=) $50 &

  • Date Range: 30

  • Placements meeting these criteria will be automatically blocked.

If you wish to learn more about automation rules, feel free to email us at or simply send us a message via in house chat. pricing is the only auto-optimization platform for Native Advertisers that uses a pricing system based on monthly clicks. Scale & Save with innovative “All in One” automation software, where profits meet savings.

-20% From Monthly Subscription Fee for All Early Birds! (Offer ends 2020.10.01)

Select your plan here.

Want to tweak your favorite plan with more features or integrations?  Simply send us a message, we are happy to help.

Unleash the Power of Automation!


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