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Real-time reporting and campaign controls in one simple platform

Monitor and control your campaigns in one single platform. See the most important data from different traffic sources in one easy-to-use platform. Control your campaign budgets, bids, placements and ads in one single tab.

How much does it cost?

Similar tools on the market would cost you at least $199 per month. Lucky for you is offering a totally FREE subscription for its beta users. You're invited to use all of its features without any additional charge (no payment, no CC is required to register).


If you are interested: currently supports the following ad-networks:



The Smartest Way to Manage Your Native Ads

How simple automation tools can save over 25% on your ad spend.

Buying Trafic On Native

Dealing with paid traffic campaigns might be tough. When it comes to buying Native traffic, media buyers have to do all the optimization work manually. Finding and blocking tons of placements campaign by campaign. Figuring out the right bids. Uploading hundreds of ads trying to make sure they won't start wasting your money. Day by day, until it finally hits! The winning combination which you can actually scale!


However, even the slightest mistake could cost you hundreds of dollars of ad spend. Also, hours spent on analyzing each placement, ad combination is clearly not the most effective solution. Here is where automation and managing tools come into place.


Over 25% Saved On Non-Converting Placements

Our recent case study concluded that applying a simple set of automation rules for blocking underperforming placements and ads early would save at least 25% of user's ad spend on Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, MGID, or Furthermore automating the bidding keeps CPC's at the optimal level leveraging the best available traffic.


What's The Solution? does most of your daily campaign managing routines for you and makes the media buying workflow more efficient. automates the most crucial media-buying process saving your time and investments. The main goal of is to provide freedom for media buyers to focus on the big picture and the creative part.


Main Features

Automatically blacklist underperforming placements

Automatically block bad widgets and bot traffic by identifying them in the earliest stage. Set individual rules for each campaign.

Automate your bids for each placement based on their performance

Changing the bids for each placement is time-consuming and less effective when done manually. Autobidder allows you to automate that workflow. Set the conditions for the good and bad widgets and let the Autobidder do all the bidding for you.

Run only profitable ads 

Automatically pause ads that are not generating profit giving them minimum ad spend.

Rapid Ad Uploader

Upload multiple different ads to as many campaigns as you want within a few clicks. Upload ads to campaigns in different traffic sources at once. Automatically create combinations of images and headlines for split testing.

Day Parting

Schedule your campaigns to run only on days of the week or hours that are converting the best. Boost campaign bid to be sure you are at the top of the auction at converting times. Minimize spend on hours when ROI is the lowest.

Breakdown By Day for each placement and ad

Monitoring placement and ad performance are crucial to having long-lasting profitable campaigns but only offers a comfortable breakdown by day for each of them.

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