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Whit - efficiently complete your daily Media Buying routines. Connect Native advertisement platforms to your personalized dashboard. Tailor automation rules, check stats, and upload Ads in bulk. 

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Save money by automatically blocking widgets and bot traffic. Blacklists underperforming placements, identifying them in the earliest stages. Set individual rules for each campaign.

Expand your advertising strategy with automated actions. As soon as your plans come to reality Autobidder will be ready to act. Automate bids for each placement based on performance. Set your conditions and focus on the strategy. Autobidder will do the rest.  


Just the right amount of steps. Easily create multiple ad combinations and simultaneously upload them to multiple campaigns with a single click.


Upload multiple ads to various campaigns with a single click. Automatically create combinations of images and headlines for split testing.

Ad Uploader

Day Parting

Set up rules to pause or boost your campaigns at a specific time at any given weekday.

Monitoring placements and ad performance is crucial to having long-lasting, profitable campaigns. With get performance reports for each ad broken down by day. 

Breakdown By Day 

Monitor and control various campaigns in a single platform. Prioritize your data in one easy-to-use dashboard. Control your campaign budgets, bids, placements, and ads in one single tab.

All In One Dashboard

Manage and Automate Native Advertisement Campaigns

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Connect Native advertisement platforms to your personalized dashboard and Boost Your ROI today!