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Scale & Save

Whit AdGenius.ai - efficiently complete your daily Media Buying routines. Connect multiple native advertisement platforms to your personalized dashboard. Tailor automation rules, check stats, and upload up to 255 ads with only a few mouse clicks!


Powerful Features  


Get rid of underperforming Ads and Placements automatically!

Our algorithm identifies budget draining widgets and Ads in the early and later stages of the lifespan of your campaign for you. Simply tailor individual conditions for each campaign or use existing and tested automation rules that will save time & money.

Increase your productivity and profitability with an automated bidding strategy.


Scale your campaigns with converting placements automatically. Our easy to use automation rules can be set up in less than a minute!



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Day Parting

Artificial campaign supervision
to help you Save
& Scale.

Automatically pause or change the default CPC of your campaigns directly from AdGenius.ai.   Choose what hours of the day, what days of the week you want your auto-optimization actions to run. 

Upload up to 255 ads with a few mouse clicks.


Automatically create combinations of images and headlines for split testing in just a few clicks. Scale your native game in a matter of secconds!  

Ad Uploader

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Reliable Dashboard

All features are brought to you from our magnificent control center.


Monitor various native traffic sources in a single platform. Prioritize your data based on your custom needs. Quickly access your most important KPI's in a matter of seconds. 


Rady to scale & save?

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Artificial Native Ads optimization.


AdGenius.ai helped us save countless hours and effort on optimization. Now we were able to focus on the creative and strategic side of marketing. AdGenius UI is easy to use, making our life much easier.